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Flower Essences, Herbs and Supplements

Book an appointment with me for custom flower essence blends, personalized herb and supplement consultation for managing stress and nervous system overwhelm, and exlusive access to my own Wiseflower essences.


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My favorite trusted brands are listed below.

Flower Essences

These are the essences and vibrational elixirs I use for custom formulations in my flower essence practice. I do not sell stock bottles, so here are links to the individual companies if you are looking to purchase something off the shelf from them:


*Affiliate accounts – I get a small percent of the sale if you used these links. Thank you 🙏


  • Thorne Research
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • New Chapter
  • Allergy Research Group
  • Integrative Therapeutics
  • Natural Factors
  • Innate Response
  • Source Naturals
  • Genestra
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Trace Minerals
  • Now
  • Boiron
  • MediNatura
  • Topical Biomedics
  • Similasan USA
  • Life Extension

All available in my Wellevate Store

Why I use Wellevate

As part of my wellness service, I teach clients about herbs and supplements for managing stress, soothing the nervous system, getting a better night’s sleep, and maintaining good baseline health.

Many of my clients ask me about reputable suppliers for herbs and supplements because they’ve heard about the rampant counterfit products on Amazon. Unfortunately it is true that anyone can sell on Amazon and there are plenty of untrustworthy sellers.

Because it’s so important that the herbs and supplements you spend your money on (and put in your body to get healthier!), I decided to open an online store on the Wellevate platform, where they fulfill the order start to finish. I get a small percent of the sale, and my clients get the best quality supplements on the market, for a discount. Win-win!

The reasons I trust Wellevate/Emerson Ecologics:

  • Product inventory is verified for authenticity and quality-tested.
  • Products are kept in temperature-controlled warehouses.
  • They specialize in health supplements exclusively.
  • They have been serving practitioners for 40 years.