Mugwort Body Oil


Organic olive oil infused with organically grown Artemisia vulgaris leaves and flowers

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Mugwort — the herb of dreams and magic — has been used for centuries in medicine, magic and beverage brewing. Her distinct and evocative scent really comes through even though this not an essential oil, but a hand-crafted herbal oil infused the traditional way. This method captures the the full spectrum of herbal qualities, not just the scent molecules. It has a powerful energetic presence that you want to deeply inhale as it takes you to an ancestral place that may be familiar, even if you are experiencing it for the first time.

When I first smelled European Mugwort I fell in love, and I’ve been growing this divine plant for seven years now. I make Mugwort oil once year after harvesting in the late summer, so supplies are limited and when they are out, they are out until next year.

For topical use only.

Ideas for use:

  • Apply to your temples before bed to stimulate dream activity.
  • Massage into your sore and achy places.
  • Very gently apply to bruised areas.
  • Rub into neck and shoulders to address tension. This pairs well with Vervain flower essence for those high-stung, overly stressed, workaholic types — or anyone who tends to carry stress there.
  • Apply to the back of the neck and on the feet to unblock energy and information so it can move through the body and be grounded.
  • Anoint pulse-points intentionally or use ritually.


  • Organic olive oil infused with organically grown Artemisia vulgaris (European Mugwort) leaves and flowers.


  • 2 oz. glass bottle with BPA-free cosmetic pump top.

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