Custom Essence Formulation

Custom blended flower, gem, and environmental essences for deep self-healing and inspired self-development.

Flower Essence Therapy

 Sensitive, intuitive wellness coaching in partnership with the innate healing intelligence of plants.

Herbal & Aromatherapy Consultation

Holistic lifestyle coaching incorporating herbs, nutrients, essential oils and complementary therapies.

Flower Essence Therapy is a gentle system of powerful support for those on a healing journey.

Rochane Felde offers integrative, intuitive wellness coaching and custom formulated flower essence blends.

During our 60 minute phone coaching session we start by reviewing your health history, paying attention to core traumas and residual thought patterns that may be influencing your healing progress. I do an intuitive wellness analysis and flower ally reading to discover a special plant ally that will come forward to assist you with your current challenge. This ally will serve as a focal plant for you to get to know during the following month and will be part of your custom flower essence blend, which I formulate for your specific situation and mail to you. I also provide suggested exercises for working with your ally, and affirmations to use while taking the essences. You can expect new insights into your current challenge as well as concrete action steps to stimulate wellness.

Not sure if Flower Essence Therapy is right for your situation or wellness goal? Book a free discovery session to learn more.