I help Sensitives find balance, manage energy, and cultivate empowerment with nature’s help

If you identify as a:

  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Gifted
  • Neurodivergent
  • Rainforest Mind
  • Empath
  • Indigo
  • Starseed

You may need extra help with:

  • managing stress and overwhelm
  • feeling grounded and in your body
  • cultivating self-love and esteem
  • accessing personal empowerment
  • accepting yourself

It feels hard to be on the planet sometimes, doesn’t it?

It’s taken me a lifetime of learning about myself to understand that my sensitivity can be a strength, not a weakness. To accept that I sometimes need more support than neurotypical folk, and to find what works for people like me with sensory sensitivity and a differently wired nervous system.

Flower essences are one of those supports!

Flower essences are natural elixirs that contain an imprint of plant intelligence. They work by influencing our subtle energy systems, helping to modulate and refine our emotional, mental, spiritual experience (and by holistic extension, our physical experience can benefit as well). 

blue dropper bottle with flowers

Flower Essence Therapy is a therapeutic system of compassionate dialog and intuitive inquiry, facilitated by a trained practitioner who is able to match soul issues with beneficial flower essences and vibrational elixirs in a custom formulation. Taken over time, clients see transformational results.

Hi, I’m Rochana Felde

I’m an Integrative Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner, Plant Spirit Herbalist, and Sensitive Wellness Coach.

Drawing upon extensive botanical training both scientific and esoteric, in addition to receiving direct revelation from the plants themselves, I connect my clients to the infinite support of Nature by providing custom-formulated flower essence blends within a safe container of compassion.

I use flower and vibrational essences from around the world and make my own from the wild coastal terroir of Northern California.

My mission is to share their wisdom and empowerment so that we can do what we came here to do.

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Initial discovery call is free!

I offer Flower Essence Therapy with custom-formulated essence blends and holistic wellness support for sensitive souls

“My experience with Rochana and the flower essences have completely changed my life. I had been struggling for many years to give up smoking. I just hadn’t been able to get to the root of it and quit for good. I had a feeling flower essences could help, and sought help from Rochana.

In our initial consultation, I felt deeply supported, held, and was able to process some things I didn’t realize I was holding on to. She had several insights that helped me see the situation differently than I had before. Her intuitive wisdom and connection to the flowers brought about an essence blend that really resonated with me. I took my formula diligently for about two months, and something really shifted.

I am now happy to say I am six months smoke-free, and feel like this is a permanent change. I don’t even want to smoke any more! Such a relief! I am so grateful for all the support she has given, and continues to give me. I recommend her services to others often, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for change on a deep level.

I am glad I listened to my little voice and gave the flowers an opportunity to speak through Rochana and offer their healing energies.”


Santa Rosa, CA

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Tune in to Nature’s wisdom with Rochana Felde and Kathleen Aspenns. Listen to The Flower Essence Podcast!

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Are you an HSP?

Many people who are drawn to flower essences are Highly Sensitive. Visit my resource page to find out more.

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