Breakthrough transformations with personalized flower essence therapy.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy provides profound psycho-spiritual support during times of stress, illness, grief and change. In partnership with the innate healing intelligence of plants, Rochana Felde offers a therapeutic system of intuitive wellness coaching and custom formulated vibrational botanical solutions. Invite the flowers to illuminate your unique journey and bring your body, mind and spirit into equilibrium.

Custom Essence Formulation

Custom blended flower, gem, and environmental essences for deep self-healing and inspired self-development.

Flower Essence Therapy

 Sensitive, intuitive wellness coaching in partnership with the innate healing intelligence of plants.

Herbal & Aromatherapy Consultation

Holistic lifestyle coaching incorporating herbs, nutrients, essential oils and complementary therapies.

Your Guide
Rochana (Ro) Felde

Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner, Community Herbalist, Qualified Aromatherapist, Plant Spirit Coach